IT and Software Services

TerraFive’s IT and software services include software development, maintenance, conversion, migration, implementation and enhancement of applications in various technologies.

Our IT and software services are positioned to support a customer’s requirements across the Software Development Life Cycle - from IT strategy and requirements engineering to application development, re-engineering, integration and support.

Our development experiences include product and application development.

IT Support

TerraFive's IT Support provides an effective combination of People, Processes and Tools to ensure that IT services are always up and running. Flexible service delivery and convenient service options are available. The client can choose to select services options such as onsite, remote or a combination of the two. TerraFive offers further flexibility in services to its customers by offering short-term and long-term agreement. This flexibility in services will allow the client to choose the mode that best suits their business requirements.

Remote managed services

  • Helpdesk services to handle L1, L2 and L3 support
  • Service support call initiation and closure
  • Trouble ticket tracking and Service Feedback from Customers

Product Development

TerraFive has extensive product development experience and has extensive experience through the entire product development lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Envisioning: Help build the product vision and roadmap
  • Architecture: Design a product that can be licensed or provide a SaaS model
  • Engineering: Development of product using Agile methodology for optimum time to market
  • Implementation: Product expertise with flexible delivery models leading to faster implementations
  • Maintenance: Manage enhancements, defect fixing etc.
  • Support: Support services including levels 1, 2 and 3

Technology Re-Engineering

Technology Re-engineering is aimed at prolonging the life of assets by making various changes to the applications and systems to provide increased advantages without major capital outlays.

TerraFive has five kinds of re-engineering offerings:

Re-architect Application: Restructures existing application architecture to offer increased functionality and capability. This includes, for instance, web enabling and re-architecting of applications to N-Tier architecture.

Renovate Application : Addresses application architecture and design changes such as

  • Modularization, abstraction and encapsulation
  • Performance tuning
  • Re-structure application
  • Business component abstraction

Multi-Channel Distribution : Restructures the application to enable integration to multiple channels including WAP, ATM, Mobile etc.

SOA Enablement: creates Web services-compliant interfaces within a service-oriented architecture for applications (legacy, packaged as well as bespoke